Sam never thought he would see his hometown Basswood again. The tragic death of Nick, his best friend, impels him to come back and bid him a last farewell. 

Confronted by the ghosts of his past, Sam will have to face some painful memories as well as the people he left two years before.

His old love Anna, his goddaughter Joan, all the people he cared about and cut himself off from… What kind of welcome is he going to get when he returns?



Your choices in the story 

During your TWIN MIRROR adventure you will face certain crucial choices. Who should you listen to? Who should you believe? Which routes will Sam decide to follow in his quest for truth? Your decisions will hugely affect how the story unfolds…

Discover an extraordinary mind 

Sam has an unusually analytical mind which takes the form of a Mind Palace, inside which you can discover different facets of his personality.

REMEMBER A haven of peace

Through unique gameplay mechanics, Sam's Mind Palace is his refuge, a space for expression where he can be himself without pressure or judgment, a place where you can visit his past and see his memories in flashback.

OBSERVE Uncover the truth

Sam's Mind Palace also plays a key role in his quest for truth. You can observe your environment and gather information to help you simulate scenarios in order to deduce the course of past events or predict key moments in the story.

TAKE CONTROL A mind in danger

Sam at times loses control of his Mind Palace when faced with dramatic or unnerving events. He needs to confront his fears and get his head together in order to regain his haven of peace.


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